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What is the spinning? It’s a particular fishing technique of casting and recovering a special bait made with plastic, metal or other artificial materials. A lot of species of fish attack these baits, cheated by their movement, for several reasons, such as instincts, competitiveness, hungry. Contrary to what comes to mind thinking about the fishing sport (a sedentary and static one), spinning “forces” those who practice to move a lot for a walk along the banks of a river, trying to capture a prey. So spinning can be also considered a very good physical exercise.
But let’s have a look to this funny, peculiar technique.

In spinning we have a typical category of lures. They are called spoon, which consists in a metal blade that rotates on its axis when it’s recovered by a fisherman, just after the launch, with the contact of the water.
The axis around which the spoon rotates is weighted with round sinkers. Their weight allows the spoon to reach different depths in the water, and permits to achieve a very long distance with the cast.

But the question is always the same in a fisherman’s mind: “What’s the best spoon?“. Of course there’s not a good answer. We have to choose a special spoon in every different situation. You simply can’t  think to throw any old lure in the water and pull out a fish! So is very important the speed of retrieve, the color and, of course, the size of your spoon.

Talking about rods, spinning’s ones have a length ranging from 1.80M to 3.30M. The mean measurements (2.40M) are universal and can be used in any place and situation. Each rod has a declared power of launch, but we have to remember that a long depth can be reached only with the right sinkers.

Maybe the most important equipment for spinning is the reel. They are easy to use and come in all price ranges.
The choose of a spinning reel is made according to what kind of fishing you plan to catch. We can find 3 categories of reels: Ultralight, Light and Heavy. So everything depends on the size of the prey you are looking for.